- 4 Oktober 2012 -

dokumentasi pribadi di depan pasar muntilan

     People life in segmented area. Have you realize that? Hem, perhaps we have to learn that we life in segmented area.

     Well, that is a kind of prologue of my story today. Well, actually I want to post some story related with my third day in Muntilan, but I think that it is better for me to keep the story a little longer so I can make you (the reader or blog walker - red) wait for the last part of my diary in Muntilan (ha ha - evil laugh :-P)

     Today I want to share my story related with Muntilan team's first progress with our beloved lecturer, Mr. Sani. It is bright thursday morning. We were preparing all data and analysis slides for our first presentation. I could hear our heartbeat (dramatically effect). Minute by minute, taa raaa... we could see Mr. Sani was entering studio. Then the studio's assistant ask us to move into other room. And finally we were entering K5.

     Some of us felt panic! We felt like we have not prepared anything. We felt so nervous inside the room. Then, voila! Mr. Sani walked into the room.

     After opening the progress, Muntilan's team's leader, Alif, take a brief step to open the progress session. He opened the session by introducing the member (again-fiuh), and gave several explanation related with the physical condition of Muntilan. Not took a long time, Fitri came after and gave several explanation related with the land use, climate, slope, rainfall, and general physical condition.

     Well, then I took a part to give short explanation related with the demography analysis. Well, it is quite fun (although Mr. Sani said,"Don't you think that those graphics are not good?" - hem, fiuh...). I delivered several analysis result such as the CBR analysis, IMR analysis, People Growth, and the fertilization prediction.

     Then Ardhi came into front of class to explain about some economic analysis. Then Bangbo delivered the explanation of Infrastructure part one. Ria continued the explanation by delivered the data and analysis reult of the amount of hospitals, local hospitals, and many else. And then the time for Diana to deliver the analysis of social-culture of Muntilan's people.

     Hua.. It seems like we learn a lot from this progress. Mr. Sani added some additional advice for us. He told us to be a lot of correction to our work. We accepted that all.

     Well, after the questioning and answering forum was done, we walked outside the room.
     FIUH.... (our breathe is heard like that).

     Thank you very much Mr. Sani for giving us a chance to learn.

    Well, guys, it is not talking about what we really afraid of, but how to solve it and how to handle it.

- Anggi Siregar -

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