- 9 May 2012 -

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         Today I want to try seeing other perception of my beloved country's name, Indonesia. Actually based on my own opinion, In (the first syllable of Indonesia) has very deep meaning. Inside.

         Inside itself indirectly speaks to us that we really need to be happy because we are rich. Well, I believe
that every country have their own richness and also their own authentic things. Just like Indonesia.

         Ironic. Not all of Indonesian know well about our richness. Somehow they we just know certain kind of
our richness and ignore the other. Now, I want to share about certain potency of Indonesia in herbal world. 

Arising of urgent problem in this world nowadays, needs real action to solve it. And that problem arise from the trend of people around the world who start to use natural materials as known as back to nature movement and realize side effects of chemical drugs, pushing the common people, the middle and upper classes and trained to use traditional medicine. Because of that, people need natural medicine that safe for us and safe for our nature.

From that case, we would see that using traditional medicine made of medicinal plants is increasing. Using plants medicinal as known as herbal medicine will be the best answer to solve the problem for complete people need because herbal medicine is cheap, easily available and relatively minor side effects.

        First, let’s see what Indonesia can offer to solve this problem. Besides rich in natural beauty, the earth archipelago also provides other valuable potential, medicinal plants. In fact, it is said the number and quality of medicinal plants that grow in Indonesia is better than China. About 30.000 species medicinal plants are had by Indonesia.

       Hem, it seems great. Unfortunately, not all of Indonesian know it. But, I will share you a good news. In this July (3rd-9th), we will have herbal expo titled "Gebyar Herbal Raja-Raja Nusantara 2012". It will presents you all uniqueness of herbal receipt from authentic culture. Combining the cultural thing, tradition, and herbal it will be amazing. 

      There will be some agendas for this event:
      1. Batik Herbal and Sutra Alam Fashion Product (presented by some batik's artist including Mr. Bambang (Batik Nakula Sadewa))
      2. Writing Competition (opened for Senior High School Student, University Student, and general citizen).
      3. Deklarasi Minum Jamu (Declaration of Drinking Jamu)
      4. And many more...

     For further information and also for all sympathizer please send email to delianipsiregar@yahoo.com
or visit our web www.ekspoherbal.com 

     Actually, this is the starting point to make SMK Herbal (Herbal Senior High School-it seems like that) and
other. Please contact us for more info. 

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