Sorry for Today


- 15 September 2012 -

  Is it easy to you to pass your certain 'phase' of your own life? Don't you think that your life is so special? Who is your best partner in your journey of your life?
     Those are some kind fool questions that come to me suddenly. Then 'they' come to force me to say thank to Allah for every single that I have had till now. Then I just realize that I will never be like this without any support from all of my beloved family, friends, neighbors, and people surround me.

     But, it is not only talking about that. It seems like unfair if I just do it only. Then, is it a perfect jobs to do?

    No. I have made a lot of mistakes. And I have to say sorry for many bad mistakes that I have made today. For many reasons and many times, I have made kak Emmy (founder of ASEC) going mad. As CEO, I have done a lot of bad things. For many things also, I have made a lot of mistakes to my GERET team. I have made Sita and Dito being so tired. I really felt sorry to it. I promise I will be good to do our duty to finish our research. I have to say sorry to Nadia because I always make a short message than ask to go to your place just because I am alone, to Fitri because I just let you go alone to Muntilan to fight just because I can not leave my father alone,  to Kak Surya (Head Department of Kastrat) because I usually do not come to certain meeting or event just because I have had other agendas already, to Sentolo's surveyor team because of my mock, to Kak Lina because of additional jobs that you have to handle, and a lot of people that I can not mention one by one. 

     It is just my first letter to say sorry. It is my first step to make a new phase on my life. Like what I have delivered before, someone taught me to realize every single things that I have made and it is my own responsibility to realize every single mistake that I have made and say sorry for it. 

Sorry for my mistakes. See you for better day tomorrow.
- Anggi Siregar -

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